February 2015

In the last few months, business at Mayhem Cover Creations has really taken off! I’ve been busy working hard to bring eye-catching designs for several fiction genres to dozens of indie authors, Entangled Publishing’s Teen, Embrace, & Ignite Imprints, TWCS Publishing House and Unlimited Erotica Publishing House.

I’ve had the privilege to work with so many wonderful authors that I feel like it’s time again to give back!

Being as busy as I was, I missed my 2 Year Anniversary in December, so I thought why not use my 1000th like to celebrate my Anniversary with a Giveaway?

This Giveaway will be my biggest one yet, with the prizes being Teaser Packs, Bookmark Designs, Simple eBook Cover Design, and my grand prize of a Premium eBook/Paperback design.

I am currently in talks with potential sponsors to add even more prizes, so keep checking in to see what other goodies might be added.

The current contest tentative end date is April 31st, but the Contest will end once my Facebook Page hits it’s 1000th like.
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