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A cover with a similar design was recently posted for sale, but the model was requested for a custom design. I didn’t want to waste this design, so I swapped out a few things. 🙂

Colors, title, and images can be swapped out on this design as needed.




New Premade Covers Available

DoubleExposure-eBook DoubleExposure Forever Desired-ebook Forever Desired

It’s finally November and that means it’s time for the Mayhem Cover Creations NaNoWriMo Special!
The deal includes choice of 15% off Mayhem Cover Creations Packages (Combo Package, Deluxe Package, Super Deluxe Package) and the NaNoWriMo Special which includes a Premium eBook Cover, 4 Pack of Teasers, 3D Graphic, and a Facebook Banner all for $125.00!

Book Now –

**Offer Ends December 1st 2015, and some restrictions apply**





New Premade – Thrust

Can be purchased as a series with other shots of the same model at a discounted rate. Please mention if you are interested in buying this model’s shots for a series when requesting the cover design.

Premade Covers

Thrust Thrust-ebook

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New Premade Paranormal Cover

spellbound spellbound-eBook