Formatting Guidelines

For clients booking formatting, Mayhem Cover Creations will try to make your book look as clean and professional as possible. The following guidelines are available to make the formatting process go as smoothly as possible!


Helpful Formatting Guidelines

• Please include any sections you’d like to appear in the book all in one document, (.docx , .doc , or .rtf only) and placed in the order you’d like them to appear – i.e. Copyright Info, Preface, Acknowledgments, Disclaimer, Dedication, About the Author, Other Titles, Teaser Chapters, etc.

• Add one space from top of page to chapter number

• Unless purchasing Decorative Headers, please type Chapter Headers as you would like them to appear in the book, i.e.


Chapter Twenty-One


• Space break using *** should occur either when a POV switches OR when a significant amount of time (more than a few hours, a day, a week) has elapsed in between the two sections. An ornamental break will replace this. Please specify if you have a preference of image.

• Alternate design elements such as text messages, emails, tweets or notes should be marked with a comment bubble and listed in your e-mail so I can easily find them and offset them from the normal text.

• About the Author, Acknowledgments, Other Titles, etc. should have their own page, titled in the same format as the chapter headings.

• All Paragraphs need a hard return at the end (please turn on your Show/Hide key (or CTRL+*) to make sure there aren’t extra spaces, and that all paragraphs have the ¶ . Watch for extra symbols, such as circles and arrows, and delete these.


Keep in mind, these are suggestions only to ensure the formatting process is completed quickly. Mayhem Cover Creations does not charge extra to fix most of these items within a document, but the formatting process will likely take longer to complete.