Terms and Conditions



All cover artwork designed by L.J. Anderson of Mayhem Cover Creations is copyrighted. L.J. Anderson of Mayhem Cover Creations maintains full copyright privileges over all versions of the final design as well as any unused mockups and may display the design for promotional purposes of Mayhem Cover Creations. Copyright transfers are available at an additional cost. Should the client sign with a publisher who chooses to use the Mayhem Cover Creations cover art, a representative from the publisher must contact L.J. Anderson to transfer the Copyright of the Cover Art.

L.J. Anderson of Mayhem Cover Creations reserves the right to reuse fonts, textures, and stock images previously used in other designs, however no specific final design will ever be reused.


The client is not permitted to use any design in any way if it has not been paid for in full. The client is only allowed to use the design for promotional purposes of their business, albums, and books as long as the design has been paid in full and is not directly tampered with. The client or other third parties are not permitted to claim the design as their own or resell the design without consent.

The client is not permitted to take ebook covers designed by L.J. Anderson of Mayhem Cover Creations and have another entity design the print wrap or extract emulate any part of the design for use in other books or cover art in a series.



A PayPal invoice for either a deposit or full balance due will be sent to client, however, client may use the following forms of payment

  • PayPal (preferred)
  • Google Wallet
  • Credit Card
  • Check via Mail (Method requires advance payment in full. Design work will not begin until check has been received and cleared)

Any Cover Art fees or services exceeding $80.00 require a minimum deposit of 50% before work will begin.

Add ons and promotional services must be paid in full prior to completion.

Large service packages such as the Deluxe and Super Deluxe Package may be paid in up to 3 installments with a minimum of 25% up front should the Client require this allowance.


Royalty free stocks may be resourced from DollarPhotoClub, 123rf, Shutterstock, Period Images, Deposit Photos, Deviant Art, Individual Stock Photographers, or provided by the client.

Simple eBook Cover Art designs include a stock purchase budget of up to $10.00

Premium eBook Cover Art designs include a stock budget of $20.00

Premium eBook and Print Cover Art Designs include a stock budget of $25.00

All images used in cover art or promotional materials, unless otherwise noted, include a standard use license. The Cover Design Fee includes the right to use these images per the standard agreement and is limited to the sale of 499,999 units. Unlimited Usage Rights are available for an additional fee per image.

Stock from Individual are add-ons and not included in the any of the packages.

While Client provided images may be used, client must be able to verify that they have the right to use said images in cover art as well as any limitations of usage.


Each package includes a limited number of major changes to the design artwork. Major changes consist of a completely new design, necessity to purchase additional stock images within the pre-defined budget, changes to entire layout and typography. Minor changes include changes to color, textures, effects, composition, fonts, typography size and location.

Simple eBook Cover Art allows for up to distinct 2 Mockups. Premium eBook and Paperback Covers allow for up to 4 mockups. Minor changes, while not expressly limited, may incur an additional fee should they become excessive. Changes exceeding the limit  may be charged up to $40 (plus the cost of any additional stock purchases which exceed the predefined budget) for each extra change depending on it’s complexity.


By hiring L.J. Anderson of Mayhem Cover Creations and using the final design, the client agrees to credit the company in the following ways, within the copyright section of the book with the following – Cover Artwork – © 20XX L.J. Anderson of Mayhem Cover Creations It is also acceptable, but not required to credit the company within the acknowledgements page of the book, as an illustrator on the sale page, and also on the website of the business or blog. If custom stock images were used, the client is also required to include the photographers and/or the models within the copyright page as well. All print wrap designs include a design tag in the lower left corner of the back cover.


Editable PSD Layer files may be made available to the client or client’s publisher for an additional fee of $150.00.

File purchase does not include a copyright transfer for the original artwork or allow the client provide the files to another entity to create cover art for additional books in the clients series or serial or make changes to the original cover art design. Access to PSD Layer Files allows the client to use the PSD files to create promotional designs to be used in conjunction with the original cover art, i.e. print wrap, audiobook, banners, advertisements, bookmarks and other promotional materials.


Client reserves the right to cancel the Mayhem Cover Creations Services at any time prior to approval of final artwork or formatting. Cancellations made prior to completion of any work or consultation are no charge and deposit will be refunded in full within 72 hours.

Cancellations which occur after initial artwork consultation, after stock image searches or purchases, the creation of mockups, or any preliminary design will include a cancellation fee of up to the full deposit depending on how much work and time has been put in prior to the cancellation. Cancellations which occur after formatting has begun will include a cancellation fee of up to the full deposit depended on the amount of work and time which has been put in prior to the cancellation.

Client may choose if they would prefer to have a credit balance to be applied to a later Mayhem Cover Creations Service or if they would like to be refunded with payment. Amount of credit balance and refund balance are the same no matter which option the client chooses.

If you have questions about these terms and conditions, please contact me.